5 Mar

The 2020 Australian Sand Sculpting Champion Is…

The 17-day celebration, which concluded on Sunday, 1 March, saw the industry’s best professional sand sculptors transform the Surfers Paradise foreshore into an outdoor art gallery featuring the likes of Little Red Riding Hood, Pinocchio, Cinderella and The Little Mermaid.

The Australian Sand Sculpting Championships (ASSC) sees 10 world-renowned sculptors go head-to-head to take out the highly acclaimed championship title by creating 10-tonne sand masterpieces.

The festival also once again featured the Australian Sand Sculpting Championships, which saw 15 world-renowned sculptors go head-to-head to take out the highly acclaimed championship title by creating 10-tonne sand masterpieces.

The 2020 Sand Sculpting Champion

The Frog Prince
The Frog with the crown and the Golden Ball and the servants heart with the three iron bands breaking away from around his heart.

The 2020 competition ended with New South Welshman Jino Van Bruinessen claiming the top prize for his incredibly detailed sculpture of ‘The Frog Prince’.

Born in Holland, Jino came to Australia 34 years ago. His artistic talents include watercolour, prop making, sculpting and scenic art. In 1992, what started as a one-off sand sculpture at the Rocks for the Sydney City Council, has unfolded into a prominent career in the Australian sand sculpting industry. He has worked on over 20 large-scale sand sculpting exhibitions and over 75 installations over the past 12 years. Jino was the winner of the Australian Sand Sculpting Championships in 2014 & 2015 and placed in 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2019.

In Second Place

Three little pigs sand sculpture
Love is a solid foundation, which can endure every “evil” that blows its way. This stick/wooden house represents a life built with materials that do not endure. Materials such as selfishness, hatred and jealousy. The first two pigs were foolish and built unwisely and there “houses” did not endure. But in the end they came to their senses and fled to find refuge in the house of bricks, the only solid foundation (authentic love) that could withstand any “evil storm” represented by the wolf.

A close second, and the people’s choice winner was Peter Papamanolis with the ‘Three Little Pigs’.

Peter is a father of four, fine jewellery craftsman and part-time artist. Sand sculpting on the beach was a relaxing pastime that first ignited his sand journey. What started as a book purchase on sand sculpting quickly turned to him meeting and working with amazingly brilliant sand sculptors from all over the world for the last 12 years. Peters experience includes a collaborative effort in carving hundreds of tonnes of sand at Rye Beach in 2007 to creating his first ten-tonne sand sculpture at the Australian Sand Sculpting Championships in 2013.

In Third Place

Puss in Boots Sand Sculpture
After tricking the king into believing that his poor master is actually a powerful lord, Puss in Boots revels in his success with a little celebration.

In third place was the 2019 ASSC Champion Meg Murray.

Tasmania born, Meg had an early start to an artist life. Her grandparents, an architect and a fine artist, were a huge influence on her creatively growing up. Classically trained, she has been painting canvases for over 35 years and has always been interested in trying new mediums. Developing her passion for sand sculpting 18 years ago, her belief that sand is a natural healer that teaches of letting things go, revealing resilience and strength of character and this is clear to see in her work. She has worked throughout Australia and internationally, giving her the opportunity to work alongside some of the best sculptors in the world. Meg is the current 2019 Australian Sand Sculpting Champion.

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