Cory Hotline


Passion behind the decks, lover of good memes, with a flair for nostalgia and everything that comes with it… Beyond the Sand welcomes Cory Hotline to the festival as one of our music artists.

Gold Coast based DJ & producer, Cory has been building up his repertoire for the last 10 years, performing and crafting his style of mix and mashing club hits across the Country. He’s been busy in 2020 working on new music, releasing his single ‘For Real’ on December 4th. Corey takes a different approach to music, taking the time to understand the ethos of producing, he has emerged ready to share his passion for music with others, becoming the friend you never knew you needed.

Catch Cory Hotline at Beyond the Sand 2021.

DATES: SAT 13 MARCH  12:30PM – 2:30PM & SUN 14 MARCH 12:30 – 6:30PM