Beyond The Sand

Where inspiration and creativity become a reality.

The Gold Coast sets the stage for an Arts Festival like no other. Beyond the Sand showcases large‐scale, bold works from gallery to the beach, highlighting an incredible calibre of national and international artists. From contemporary to abstract one of a kind and even feature installations and entertainment, this festival creates a diverse showcase of art and culture across a variety of mediums.

Formerly known as Sand Safari Arts Festival, this free beachside event delivers a significant cultural tourism impact to the Gold Coast, with visitors travelling from around Australia to wander through the beautifully curated festival. Beyond the Sand will continue on the legacy of Sand Safari and feature elements such as the Australian Sand Sculpting Championships, however, will look to move beyond the heritage of ‘sand and sea’ and incorporate a variety of mediums that highlight the artistic flair and creativity of artists around Australia. Beyond the Sand will become a cultural hub that reflects the lifestyle and creativity of the Gold Coasts thriving art scene.

Originally organised by Surfers Paradise Alliance from 2012 – 2020 Sand Safari Arts Festival has transitioned to Major Events Gold Coast (MEGC) on July 1 2020 where it will continue to grow as Beyond the Sand.

MEGC’s charter is to develop a portfolio of events and festivals which attract overnight visitation and increase the economic benefit to the region. Embracing the diversity of the city to achieve the extraordinary, MEGC are global leaders in the delivery of events.